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Marie’s Guilt Free Bakery   778 999 6877 ( Retail Price
Product Code Type Size Price
Cookies All Cookies 2/$5.00 or $3.00 Each
CO01 Chocolate Chip Large $3.00
CO02 Cranberry Almond Large $3.00
CO03 Peanut Butter Large $3.00
CO04 Gingerbread (Seasonal) Large $3.00
CO05 Spice (Seasonal) Large $3.00
CO06 Oatmeal Raisin Large $3.00
CO07 Double Chocolate Large $3.00
CO11 Shortbread Large $3.00
CO13 Mexican Wedding Cookie balls 2 balls $3.00
CO14 Sugar Cookies (Seasonal) Large $3.00
Bundle of 4 med size cookies $5.00
Cakes  CA01  Chocolate 8 inch 35.00
CA02 Chocolate 9×13 inch 45.00
CA03 Vanilla 8 inch 35.00
CA04 Vanilla 9×13 inch 45.00
TA02 Blueberry Med 5.00
TA03 Strawberry Med 5.00
TA04 Pumpkin (Seasonal) Med 5.00
BI01 Almond Vanilla Large $3.00
BI02 Cranberry Vanilla Large $3.00
B103 Gingerbread Large $3.00
BI04 Chocolate Almond Large $3.00
BI05 Chocolate Large $3.00
Sweet Loaves
LO01 Banana Loaf Med $8.50
LO02 Banana Chocolate Loaf Med $8.50
LO03 Lemon Loaf Med $8.50
LO05 Blueberry Vanilla Loaf Med $8.50
LO06 Cranberry Orange Loaf Med $8.50
SQ01 Date Squares Piece $3.00
SQ02 Apple Cranberry Crumble Piece $3.00
SQ03 Blueberry Crumble Piece $3.00
SQ04 Chewy Chocolate Cookie Bar Piece $3.00
MU01 Blueberry Large $3.00
MU02 Strawberry/Vanilla Large $3.00
MU03 Banana Chocolate Chip Large $3.00
MU04 Carrot Raisin Large $3.00
MU05 Cranberry Orange Large $3.00
MU06 Lemon Poppyseed Large $3.00
MU07 Double Chocolate Large $3.00
MU08 Carrot/Walnut Large $3.00
MU09 Apple/Cinnamon Large $3.00
Cake Pops
CP01 Chocolate Large $3.00
CP02 Vanilla Large $3.00
CC01 Carrot Cake Large $3.00
CC02 Coffee Cake (Apple/Blueberry) Large $3.00
CC03 Chocolate Cake Large $3.00
CC04 Vanilla Large $3.00
CC05 Vanilla/Blueberry Large $3.00
CC06 Vanilla/Cranberry Large $3.00
CC07 Ginger Spice Large $3.00
CC08 Lemon Large $3.00
FR01 Chocolate
FR02 Vanilla
FR03 Mocha
FR05 Ginger Spice
FR06 Cinnamon
FR08 Orange
FR09 Cream Cheese
Savoury Loaves
LV01 Chia Loaf $7.00
LV02 Sunflower Flaxseeed Loaf $7.00
 Bread Products BP01 English Muffins (Pkg of 6) $7.00
BP02 Personal Size Pizza Crust (Pkg of 6) $7.00
BP03 Large Pizza Crust (Pkg of 2) $7.00










Please contact me for wholesale inquiries.  (778 -999 -6877)