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Breads Type Cost
English Muffins (6 per Pack) GF, Vegan $8.00
Sunflower Seed/Flax Bread GF, Vegan $8.00
Chia Bread GF, Vegan $8.00
Pizza Crust (6 per Pack) GF, Vegan $8.00
Pita Bread (6 per Pack) GF, Vegan $8.00
Cookies (Large) Type Cost
Vegan Choc  GF, Vegan $3 or 2/$5.00
Butter Choc Chip GF $3 or 2/$5.00
Double Choc Chip GF, Vegan $3 or 2/$5.00
Peanut Butter GF, Vegan $3 or 2/$5.00
Biscotti Type Cost
Cranberry Almond GF, Vegan $3.00
Bars Type Cost
Chewy Choc Bar GF $4.00
Nanaimo Bar GF, Vegan $5.00
Muffins (Large) Type Cost
Morning Glory GF, Vegan $4.00
Pumpkin Cranberry GF, Vegan $4.00
Dry Goods Type Cost
Stuffing/Croutons GF, Vegan $6.50
Pita Chips GF, Vegan $5.00
Flour Blend GF, Vegan $15.00
Cookie Dough Type Cost
(12 oz) Butter Choc Chip GF $10.50
(12 oz) Vegan Choc Chip GF, Vegan $10.50
(12 oz) Double Choc Chip GF, Vegan $10.50
(12oz) Peanut Butter GF, Vegan $10.50
Keto Bombs Type Cost
Coconut Almond ( 3pcs) GF, Vegan $7.00
Peanut Butter (3pcs) GF, Vegan $7.00
Pastries Type Cost
Apple Strudel (1pc) GF, Vegan $6.00
Jamaican Patty (1pc) GF, Vegan $6.00
Sweet Loaves Type Cost
Mini Cranberry Pumpkin Loaf GF, Vegan $8.00
Other Type Cost
Vegan Beyond Pasta Sauce GF, Vegan $15










Please contact me for wholesale inquiries.  (778 -999 -6877)